Personal development coaching

Coaching helps you regain control over your life. As coach I ask curious and positive questions to help you get in motion to achieve your goals or desires. I facilitate your internal process towards new insights and new choices. Personal development coaching is focused on growth of your identity, self-awareness, talents and potential. The goal is to increase your quality of life and to realise your dreams.

Awareness process

At a certain point in your life it seemed logical or necessary to behave in a specific way. Certain convictions such as ‘always trying to do your utmost’ or ‘being there for other people at all time’ can become a habit. These habits can become a limitation in your life.

By becoming aware of your own patterns, thoughts and coping mechanisms you can learn to make new choices or to behave and think in different ways. This journey is specific for every person and has a different outcome for everyone. I can help you with this proces of understanding and breaking through patterns. Your individual journey with personal questions and goals is always at the core of each conversation.

My approach

I work with short coaching trajectories of individual conversations. You are the expert in your own life and nobody knows you better than you do. During each session we will look at your needs to achieve your goal. I work with coachingtechniquest based on TA (Transactional Analyses), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and systemic work. Additionally I tap into my own experiences and several techniques I have learned on the side such as MBCT (Mindfulness Based Coaching Techniques).

My own life experiences have challenged me to remain positive and centered. I have learned which experiences have caused dysfunctional patterns which let to a burn-out amongst other things. My wish is for everyone to experience the liberation of making new choices in life out of love instead of fear.

Themes I have experience with:
  • Parenting
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • High Sensitivity (HSP)
  • Burn-out
  • Depressive feelings
  • Long-term illness
  • Borderline (living with a borderline parent)
  • Mourning
  • Autist (ASD)
  • Suicide
  • Divorce
  • Getting out of your head & into your heart
  • Mindfulness
  • Work-life balance

Yesterday I was clever so I tried to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself – Rumi

How it works

During an intake session we discuss your goals and desires and determine approximately how many session would be needed. At the end of each session we quickly evaluate to ensure the trajectory still fits your goals and needs, if not we adjust the plan. I work with what is needed in the moment for you to get on with your journey. Information or a short intake by phone is free of charge. Would you like to know more about me? Have a look at about Caroline or click here to find or request more information.

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