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Integrative kids Coaching

Do you witness your child struggling with life, at school, with their friends or siblings? Are you going through a difficult time (moving house, divorce, home schooling, mourning)? Integrative kids coaching supports in a tailored way. I will explain you how

Children of the Universe is specialised in integrative coaching and counseling for children and their parents. Can’t we all use some extra help with our kids and for ourselves? Behaviour is a way of communicating, both consciously and unconsciously. As a result of addressing the feeling inside the behaviour that is perceived as problematic will disappear. Happy children ensure happy families and a happier world.

It takes a village to raise a child

African proverb
I am here to guide your child towards greater happiness, self-confidence and resilience.

I communicate in a client-based way that suits your kid(s). The activities performed during the coaching sessions are adapted to your child’s wants and needs as well as the verbal and non-verbal communication. Integrative coaching and therarpy communicates with children via toys, (stuffed) animals, role plays, games or creative activities. In my practice everything is possible and your child decides. Along the way during each session I help your child acquire new skills, discover underlying feelings and discover new possibilities on how to think and act.

“Caroline has really helped me to increase my self-confidence.”

Ronja – 11 years old
Examples of themes addressed by integrative coaching:
  • Fears (e.g. fear of failure)
  • Nightmares, problems getting to sleep or homesickness
  • conflicts with siblings
  • Develop more self-confidenceĀ 
  • Conflicts with siblings
  • Wetting the bed or potty training
  • Bullying
  • Improving communication skillsĀ 
  • Conflicts at home
  • Anger issues
  • Disobedience
  • High sensitivity (HSP) or high IQ
  • Depressive feelings
  • Improving sense of grip on life

These are just a few themes. Contact me for a free consult by phone if you would like to know more.

“The conversations with Caroline have helped me to feel good in difficult situations.”

Lisa – 9 years old
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